10 Health Myths You Still Believe

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5 Biggest Myths & Other Presumptions About Weight Loss You Probably Believe
You’d think that the public would have gotten better at scrutiny, but in reality, the exact opposite looms upon us and people still take the bait. Photo: Secrets of Healthy Eating Unfortunately, a similar idea applies for health and wellness, whereby.

10 ‘Green’ Products That Are Bad For The Environment
4] Have you ... health concerns for workers due to the toxic chemicals that are used. A recent study confirmed that ground-up rubber tires can still contain those harsh chemicals. [5] While many studies have been conducted, some toxicologists and doctors.

How do you get rid of Trump? An election, not the 25th Amendment.
For Trump’s agonists, there’s an obvious solution; one they seem intent on avoiding: If you can’t stand the president ... more or less, don’t believe a word, he’s unfit. Once Congress had the second declaration, if not already in session.

11 Myths About Iris Recognition
Later in 1949, observations about human iris variation were published by British ophthalmologist J.H. Doggart, and referred to in a 1953 textbook Physiology of the Human Eye (still the basis ... For iris recognition to work, you have to “scan” the.

Your Raw Cacao Isn't As Healthy As You Think: Debunking The Myths Of The Chocolate Industry
Then there are the hundreds of articles published about chocolate’s health benefits ... the polyphenols by up to 10 percent). In short, the more the cocoa beans are processed, the less potent their powers. For example, you’d need to eat 4,680 calories.

Long Islanders Sue Over Health Concerns About New Cellphone Towers
Thumbs Down' Mets Fan Gary Dunaier Becomes Celebrity To Yankees FansIf you've ... still going up by the dozens across Huntington and Oyster Bay. “We are not anti-tech. We are not anti-cellphone,” Peter Abraham said. “But we believe cell towers.

6 Myths About Credit Freezes
While a freeze can be beneficial, make sure you understand what it does and how it protects you. Don't believe these six myths about credit freezes ... monitoring accounts for suspicious activity is crucial. Still, a freeze does have benefits.

World Mental Health Day: 5 Myths About Personality Disorders Debunked
10 marks World Mental Health ... So here are a few mental illness myths that need to be debunked. 1. It’s all in your head One of the biggest myth that people believe is that every mental health issue you face is in your head. Some may ask you to snap.

Top 10 Stocks Under $20
Streamline Health Solutions (STRM) Prior Close ... this stock could be taking off. Even still, with a P/S ratio of just 1.21, the stock could be undervalued based on its total revenues. 2. JSR Corp. (JSCPY) Prior Close: $18.06 JSR Corp. engages in the.

9 PC gaming myths we believed when we were kids
We used to believe in some ridiculous stories ... We also believed the same nonsensical rumor: running a game as administrator gives you god-tier cheats. Infinite health, bottomless clip, flight, the works. Anything for an administrator.

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