Benefits Health System Leadership Theory

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The future will be data-driven - Prospect
The health service provides a good example of what the future could look like. Say, for example, that a patient goes for tests, data is collected, the clinician makes a diagnosis and recommends a treatment plan. Now suppose that all this is fully.

Spectrum Health CEO to Step Down
Richard Breon, who has led the Michigan-based health system since 2000, says he will retire ... Priority Health HMO was named by the State of Michigan to serve as the essential health benefits benchmark plan for all individual and group HMO plans in.

The Japanese practice of 'forest bathing' is scientifically proven to improve your health - Quartz
The Japanese practice of forest bathing is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system , and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. ... City dwellers can benefit from the effects of trees with.

Rethink Your Association’s Compensation Systems
A thoughtful compensation system is key to attracting ... retirement contributions, and the cost of your health benefits. But she also said that compensation can take a nonfinancial form. From career development to promotions that come with title changes.

The benefits of teaching leadership skills from the bottom up - Financial Times
Prof Ben-Hur's work has focused on ensuring that managers understand how to assign the right jobs to their team members and motivate them to perform well, using theories of behavioural change that senior executives have typically never learnt on their.

Prepare for the Digital Health Revolution - Fortune
The National Business Group on Health last year surveyed 133 large companies employing 15 million Americans about their benefit practices: An astounding 90% said they expect to make at least some telemedicine services available to their workers this.

The real health-care change we need? Strong leadership - The Globe and Mail
While there is a lot of rhetoric about the horrors of bureaucracy and the benefits of consolidation, we don't really have any idea what the best management structure is for a health system , and for patients. The theory is that regional bodies are more.

Anthem Launches IngenioRx, New Pharmacy Benefits Manager
The IngenioRx pharmacy leadership team combined has more ... events that result in negative publicity for us or the health benefits industry; failure to effectively maintain and modernize our information systems; events that may negatively affect our.

Why Mitch McConnell's secrecy gambit on his health-care bill could backfire - Washington Post
Secrecy Surrounding Senate Health Bill Raises Alarms in Both Parties New York Times.

PLU students study Beyoncé, starships and Holocaust artifacts as part of eclectic fall curriculum - Pacific Lutheran University
“The general premise of the course is to think about Beyoncé as a social, political and cultural figure through the lens black feminist theory ,” said Jennifer Smith, director of the Center for Gender Equity who will serve as PLU's first dean for.

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